Dodgers: Yu Darvish Finally Questioning 2017 World Series Struggles Against Astros

In the latest episode of “as the scandal turns,” former Dodger Yu Darvish is in the news once again and ready to continue the conversation about his World Series performance against the Houston Astros in 2017.

During Chicago’s “Cubs Convention” (their version of FanFest), the 33 year-old had his first opportunity to talk at length about the Astros recent indictment by MLB. Up until this point he had mostly took to Twitter to share thoughts on the revelation that the Astros had been using tech to steal signs during the 2017 season, including the postseason.

Now Darvish really wants to know if Houston batters knew what was coming thanks to more than just tipped pitches.

“That’s what I want to know. A couple of Astros players told me I was tipping pitches, but now it comes out they were stealing signs. Was I tipping, or were they stealing?”

Going back a bit, when the sign stealing accusations first came out in November, the pitcher took to social media for a little tongue in cheek fun over the report, but still hammered home the fact that he “sucked” all on his own. Soon after, he looked to view his World Series failures as an opportunity to grow.

“Because I had that experience, I was able to work hard these last two years and become the person I am now.” – Darvish to LA Times, November 15, 2019

Flash forward two months later and the four-time All-Star still feels the same… but now has a little more doubt as to whether it was all his fault. And whether the Astros players mentioned above were being forthcoming. 

“Game 3 was maybe. After that the Dodgers started checking whether I was tipping pitches or whatever. But they couldn’t find it, especially Game 7. But Astros players later told me I was tipping 100% in Game 7. So it’s like…”

As something of a final thought on the matter, for the time being, Yu had one last thing to say.

“It’s crazy but I can’t say anything about (the) Astros because, just like, I know they steal signs, but at the same time I was not good in the World Series, too. I can’t say anything.”

While it’s noble that he remains unwilling to saddle the bulk of the blame on the Cheatin’ ‘Stros, he can still view this whole saga (or nightmare) as something of a redemption story. He’s not the villain he was when he left Los Angeles for Chicago, he’s a competitor that was cheated out of a fair shot at a ring and a parade up Vin Scully Boulevard.

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