Dodgers, MLB Teams Fear Punishment if They Speak Out Against Astros Ruling

What is a good scandal without individuals being forced into silence? Right now, that’s what is happening in the game of baseball by those who run MLB (cough, Rob Manfred).

Remember the Los Angeles Dodgers’ non-statement issued on the official twitter account days ago? Obviously, the organization had more to say. Veiled nicely underneath that statement was probably a little hostility not only over being robbed of a title or two, but not being allowed the right to free speech.

Now, Jeff Passan of ESPN writes about how there is some anger boiling behind the scenes amongst clubs around baseball. To say the least – the Dodgers are one of the included – if not the team at the forefront of this.

First, check out this quote. This one could make you a little angry.

“The impression,” one person familiar with the call told ESPN, “was that the penalty for complaining would be more than Houston got.”

It’s ludicrous to think that baseball and the commissioner want to silence members of its sport in the wake of one of the biggest scandals ever. Now why would they do that? For one, they want this to die and go away. Talking about it creates more problems, as we are learning day-by-day in this debacle. The more teams and players talk, the more this will become a frontline story that Manfred doesn’t want.

Still, it’s no way to deal with the problem. The quotes don’t stop there.

Next, a Dodgers spokesman (presumably) translates what the Dodgers’ organization no-comment really meant.

“Crane won,” he said. “The entire thing was programmed to protect the future of the franchise. He got his championship. He keeps his team. His fine is nothing. The sport lost, but Crane won.”

Finally, Cody Bellinger and Alex Wood let their feelings be heard on Thursday. Will the league’s MVP and a notable pitcher who faced Houston in the 2017 World Series face punishment? Time will tell, and if they do we should have our wallets ready to pay their fine. A suspension of either player could bring about a fan revolt.

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