Dodgers: James Loney Talks Alex Cora Firing and Reputation

Alex Cora was fired from his post as the manager of the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday and many had their own personal reactions on Twitter. Cora was a well-respected name inside of the game, but has likely lost some of his luster within Major League Baseball following the allegations of his involvement with two different sign stealing cheating scandals.

Cora was the bench coach for the Houston Astros in 2017 and was the manager of the Boston Red Sox in 2018. He remains the only common denominator. Both teams also beat the Dodgers in the World Series which adds insult to injury.

One of the people that took to Twitter to express their feelings on the situation was former Dodgers first baseman James Loney:

“Alex Cora treated me wonderful when I was with the Dodgers and is known as one of the best guys in the game. In saying that, man has always tried to gain an edge in anyway possible, but when rules are broken, you must pay the price. What’s done in the dark will come to light.

It couldn’t have been any more well-said by Loney.

We do not know the final demise of Cora at this point, but it is expected that a harsh punishment will be heading his way. He has not only lost his job, though — he has lost respect inside of the league that he has served well for decades as both a player and a manager/coach.

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