Dodgers: Josiah Gray Discusses Goals With Los Angeles In 2020

Undeniably, there is a lot to be excited about with Los Angeles Dodgers’ minor league starting pitcher Josiah Gray. Notably, we have written about Gray before; and he’s a guy to be excited about.

Now, Gray sits down with for an off-season chat. Topics discussed were looking back on the trade that brought him to the Dodgers’ system, as well as his goals for 2020.

Recall that Gray was traded from the Cincinnati Reds in the Yasiel Puig deal. Obviously going to the Dodgers bolstered his status as a prospect, and Gray seems to acknowledge that.

“It was a whirlwind, the trade. Being traded for some high-caliber guys. So going along with that and learning a new organization, I was definitely like ‘wow what am I gonna do?’. I’m so new to pro ball already, and I’m in a new organization six months later. Going into spring training, I went there with open eyes. I just wanted to enjoy every moment I was in. Then just playing off that – the Dodgers being such a great organization – it made it a lot easier to transition.”

Next, he was asked about his goals for baseball in 2020. Gray answers it like a true pro – or in his case – a soon to be big leaguer.

“Honestly, just to make it a better year than 2019. As simple as it is – I just want it to be something where I can look back and be proud of it – and do everything I need to do to put myself at that next level.”

Finally, Gray is a guy we are all excited about. While we should get a look at him in a short time as a Dodger, file his name away in your memory bank. With 39 and 1/3 solid innings at AA last season, he won’t be in the minor leagues for long. This is a guy who could make an impact at the big league level.

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