Dodgers: ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Wants Astros Stripped of World Series Title

Undeniably, the reactions from the talking heads continue to roll in. Right now the Houston Astros are the talk of sports, which means the Los Angeles Dodgers have direct involvement.

As you know, the 2017 Astros won a World Series title in tainted fashion; stealing more than just signs from an entire championship starved fan base. Typically ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is a loud show host. However, he’s on the Dodgers side with this one. He wants to see the Astros stripped of their title. See the entire video segment right here, or stay with us to comb his can’t-miss quotes.

First – when Smith is asked if the Astros should be stripped of their title – he barely needs a pause.

“Yes they should. They should be stripped of their World Series crown. The owner Mr. Crane was right to fire Hinch and Lunhow. He was right to fire them both, and it shouldn’t stop there.”

Smith is not done with that bit, he had a lot more to say.

“We are talking about Kershaw here, Brandon Morrow, Yu Darvish. I was at game six and seven. We were sitting in the stands, and all of the sudden I’m saying ‘what this man can’t get anybody out?’. What the Hell is going on here? Before that in Houston you’re talking about 18 runs, 26 hits, six home runs surrendered by a Dodgers squad that was considered ripe with aces. Suddenly, they can’t get anybody out. And it made absolutely no sense.”

Finally Smith goes on to say that this is different then the New England Patriots and Deflategate because of the insurmountable evidence compiled by baseball. Notably, he says not only should the 2017 Astros be stripped of the title; but the 2018 Boston Red Sox as well.

While it’s not a World Series trophy, Cody Bellinger was right in saying the Dodgers did things the right way. Fans can take some solace in that, since they’re not involved in anything like this.

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