Dodgers Issue Non-Statement On Houston Astros Sanctions and Punishment

Sometimes you say the most by saying little. In this case, the Los Angeles Dodgers released a statement on their official twitter account Monday night. Of course, the tweet was in direct response to the Houston Astros’ cheating allegations and punishment from Major League Baseball; which was handed down early Monday.

Here is the tweet from the Dodgers twitter. The organization says that all clubs have been asked by MLB not to comment on the Astros’ punishment.

However – by saying something – are the Dodgers saying something?

Without question, it seems like the organization is leaving it to the reader to draw their own conclusions. Moreover, this tweet will draw it’s fair share of eye-rolls and you can fill in the blanks of what the Dodgers’ organization would really like to say from there.

“It’s inappropriate to comment on the discipline imposed on another club. The Dodges have also been asked not to comment on any wrongdoing during the 2017 World Series, and will have no further comment at this time.”

Of course we all will wonder forever what might of been if the Astros didn’t have a little bit of added help in that 2017 World Series that Los Angeles lost in seven games by the thinnest of margins. Perhaps there is no game seven to begin with, and the Dodgers are 2017 World Champions.

If you were the Dodgers, what comment would you make to the Astros; if baseball allowed an open mic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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