Dodgers Coach Dino Ebel Talks Cheating Scandals, Bellinger, and More in Radio Interview

Dino Ebel holds an important job for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Indeed, you know him as the man standing at third base who sends the runner. However, the world knows him as ‘Echo Park Legend’.

Now, Ebel joins David Vassegh on AM 570 sports to talk about a variety of topics. You can hear the entire interview here. Let’s take a look at the highlights of the interview.

First, Ebel says that it was fantastic to be back with the Dodgers. Truly, this is a guy who values wearing the blue.

“It’s incredible to be back where I started in 1988 where I started and worked my way through the organization. Coming back for the 2019 year and meeting with Dave Roberts and Andrew Friedman and them asking me to come back to the organization. It’s the Dodgers, it’s where my heart is. Everything worked out well.”

In addition, Ebel was asked what his impressions were of Cody Bellinger during the 2019 season. Notably, it reminded him of baseball’s brightest star.

“He is an MVP all the way and I think I said this earlier in the year, he reminded me of Mike Trout. Spending all year with Mike Trout and watching him get his work in, that was Bellinger. Coming in and getting his work in with the coaches. Standing in that box and watching him have the year he had was a pleasure day in and day out.”

Next, Vassegh asks Ebel about his role during a game at third base and the work that goes in to protecting signs for his own team from the opposition.

“I know all this is happening with the Astros and Red Sox but if you’re getting stuff during the game like pitchers tipping, or I’m sloppy and not changing signs; and someone gets me during the game without using technology that’s baseball. But again in today’s world with technology you shouldn’t get live feed during the game. That’s not right.”

Finally, Ebel weighs in on the recent sign-stealing allegations of the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox.

“I was surprised by hearing all the rumors. I know MLB is doing a great job by investigating. To have live video or stealing signs during the game, or a light in the outfield or electronic band-aids. To me, that’s not right. That’s the integrity of the game. I was surprised and shocked, we do our job on changing signs. To use technology during a game, that’s wrong.”

Obviously, Ebel is a guy who would be awesome to sit and talk baseball with. For this, we are envious of Vassegh a little bit. The Dodgers are lucky to have this guy in uniform.

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