Dodgers: ESPN Examines Why Los Angeles Fans Are So Down On Their Team

Thus far, it’s been a slow off-season for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Without doing much digging, you can look around on social media to see that Dodgers fans are frustrated and itching for a big move.

However, some outsiders wonder why fans are so frustrated with the organization. Take ESPN’s Bradford Doolittle for example. Doolittle writes at ESPN about the Dodgers being in a position where they have bags of money to spend, but no logical candidate to spend it on. Furthermore, he examines whether or not the fan frustration has any validity.

Obviously, Doolittle empathizes with all of us that have waited so long for a championship. For instance, read one of the first paragraphs he writes.

The Dodgers have not, however, managed to end a franchise championship drought that began after the Tommy Lasorda/Kirk Gibson/Orel Hershiser Dodgers won it all in 1988. That, in a nutshell, is where the discontent stems from. The growing concern seems to be that the Dodgers are willing to do just enough to keep the turnstiles turning, but not quite enough to get over the ultimate hump. At least that’s my take on what the beef is, because, to be frank, I don’t quite understand the antipathy.

Next, he acknowledges the fact the organization didn’t get the job done on the big three of Stephen Strasburg, Gerrit Cole, and Anthony Rendon. Still, Doolittle doesn’t fault the organization. Here is where he says the organization is left out in the cold without a dance partner in a free agent that moves the needle towards winning a title.

It’s hard to know to what extent any of those proclivities could have been erased with a whole lot of zeroes, and if you want to hammer on the Dodgers for not outsprinting the other offers, that’s fair game. Beyond that, once that elite trio was off the market, the Dodgers were left in a position of having bags of cash to spend and no logical candidate to give them to.

Finally, Doolittle says that he has the Dodgers winning 100 games and getting to the playoffs once again. It seems that he feels Dodger fans should understand the position the organization is in, and why no moves have happened. Also, he points out that the Dodgers could still sign a remaining free agent.

So I ask you, are you frustrated; and if so what would you have done differently this off-season if you were running the Dodgers? Let us know in the comments below.

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