Dodgers Potential Trade Deadline Plan Discussed by The Athletic

The more time that passes this winter, the more likely it becomes that the Dodgers will not make a move of a large magnitude. The Francisco Lindor and Mookie Betts rumors have died and it all makes sense. The Dodgers have a hard time spending money and a hard time with letting go of their prospects.

While you can form your own opinions on whether that represents bad practice or not, it doesn’t increase the Dodgers’ chances of acquiring a marquee name.

Dodgers president Stan Kasten seemed confident that the Dodgers would go over the luxury tax in 2020 and with trade options and Josh Donaldson still available in free agency:

“The team we have now is not going to be the team we have to start the postseason. I expect that team, this year, it looks like it’s going to be well over the [threshold], or somewhat over.”

There are multiple pieces that are likely to be available at the trade deadline and Andy McCullough of The Athletic outlines each of the possibilities:

Brad Hand and Ken Giles

The Dodgers have long been in the conversation for Hand and while his numbers declined in 2019, he remains one of the baseball’s best and most consistent relievers. He would be an excellent addition to the back end of their bullpen. Giles was a target at the deadline this past season, but an injury prevented the Blue Jays from dealing him.

Noah Syndergaard

One of the best pitchers in the game when healthy, Syndergaard could be a nice buy-low candidate if the Mets fall out of contention in the summer.

Charlie Morton

Morton would be an intriguing proposition and would fit right in with the Dodgers’ rotation as a co-ace with Walker Buehler.


Moves are more likely to be made in the summer than this winter and we are just going to have to deal with it as we have for multiple seasons under Andrew Friedman.

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