Dodgers Analysts React To Stan Kasten’s World Series Comments

While the Los Angeles Dodgers haven’t won a title in over 30 years, part owner Stan Kasten remains adamant that the eyes are on the prize. For instance, Kasten stated that the organization is ‘laser-focused’ on winning a World Series recently.

Now, the SportsNet crew of David Vassegh and Bill Plunkett join Alanna Rizzo for some hardline analysis of the statement. Already, we saw Plunkett weigh in with honesty towards the team’s off-season.

Now Vassegh takes the first bite at the apple. His response is in regards to Rizzo asking if the only successful outcome for the Dodgers is a World Series Title.

“You talk to Mark McGwire or anyone from those successful A’s teams in the 80’s. They only won one and they felt like they left a couple on the table. So it’s stating the obvious again, and yeah you need that. The Dodgers have had success but this is Los Angeles. Championships mean a lot more here then they do in other cities. It’s not end-all be-all, but it’s been over 30 years for a lot of different reasons.”

Next, Plunkett says the Dodgers need a title; but the reason Vassegh states is not the primary reason the Dodgers need to end the drought.

“I’m not buying that it’s LA, and they have to win championships thing. They have to win championships because of the expectations they have set for themselves. The history of the franchise, the investment they have made in certain players the last few years. Getting there every year to the World Series. What else do you do now? You have to win a championship. That’s the ultimate measuring stick that they haven’t been able to reach.”

Obviously here, neither of the pair is wrong in their view of why the Dodgers need to win a title. However, it does put forth a great topic of discussion.

For instance, if I was to state a reason the Dodgers need to win a championship; I would say the following. The Dodgers have a tradition, brand, and history unparalleled in sports. Every other team that’s close in any major sport has won a title in the last 30 years. For that reason, I think they need to finish it off with the only thing missing.

If you had to say a reason why the Dodgers need to win a title, make it a good one; and let us know in the comments section!

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