Dodgers Off-Season: Francisco Lindor Confirmed for Cleveland FanFest

Undeniably, there are those in Los Angeles Dodgers nation who are holding out hope for a blockbuster trade for Cleveland Indians superstar shortstop Francisco Lindor. Still, major reporters like Jon Morosi have deemed it less likely to occur then other trades.

Now, the Cleveland Indians social media team is playing coy and having a little fun on Twitter. For instance, take a look at their tweet on Tuesday which confirms Lindor for TribeFest. Notably, TribeFest will occur on Saturday February 1st in Cleveland.

Of course every franchise in baseball (to my knowledge) hosts a winter event that gets their fan base revved up for the season to come. To advertise a major star and franchise cornerstone for the event, the Cleveland brass must be certain they’re hanging onto Lindor until the July deadline or at some point during the 2020 season.

Equally important, it means the Dodgers just couldn’t find a way to put Lindor in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform. Indeed, all the whispers and all the odds of the Dodgers being at the front of the line to land Lindor seem to have gone by the wayside.

Obviously when you’re talking a player the caliber of Lindor, there is no way to obtain a consolation prize. Furthermore, one must wonder if the whispers of Mookie Betts to Los Angeles is just the organization exploring and kicking tires like they did on Lindor.

If it in any way matters, the Dodgers signed pitcher Jimmy Nelson and a reliever with a live arm on Tuesday. But the Dodgers couldn’t come away with Lindor, and they may never. Let us know how this makes you feel in the comments below.

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