Dodgers: SportsNet LA Talks Stan Kasten Comments and Off-Season So Far

Still, a lot is being made of part owner Stan Kasten’s comments in regards to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ off-season.

Now, David Vassegh and Bill Plunkett join the action from the Sportsnet LA desk to weigh in on the topic. You can see the entire segment below.

First Bill Plunkett weighs in. Honestly, I think the man who covers the Dodgers for the OC Register hits the nail on the head with what he says.

“It’s not fair to call them cheap. But the way this off-season has played out, they don’t look good. They don’t look like they’re trying when the only move they have made is Blake Treinen after getting ousted in the first round. And I thin that’s what angers the fans out here. They just want to know you’re trying.”

Without question, this is the most accurate quote I have ready by anyone on the subject. To be fair, if it isn’t that they are ‘cheap’; then what is it? You can leave your thoughts in the comments below to answer. For one, I think that analysts have pointed out before that the Dodgers simply like to spread their money around in a weird way. They will pay top dollar per year as long as it’s a one to three year commitment. However, a lot of players don’t want to do that dance.

Next, Plunkett brings more of how it looks on the surface.

“It doesn’t seem like they have put a lot of effort in – and I’m sure they have – but it doesn’t look that way because of the results.”

Finally, Vassegh goes on to point out the talent already on the roster. He also adds that Kasten is calling his shot to make a future move with some of his statements. While that seems like a nice thing to bank on, variables will change at that time. Perhaps some of the the prospect capital won’t be worth the same then. And then what do you do? You can’t just bank on a blockbuster deal sometime in the future.

As things sit, it makes me a little nervous.

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