Dodgers Hiring Minor League Mental Health Coordinator

The Dodgers are taking a step forward with their prioritization of the mental health aspects of their players in the farm system. According to multiple sources, the Dodgers are hiring a minor league mental health coordinator.

The Dodgers released a small statement regarding their reasoning for advancing mental health awareness:

“As part of MLB’s Mental Health Initiative, this position will support efforts in mental health awareness, destigmatize mental health challenges…and ensure that those in need receive proper care and assistance.”

The Dodgers have had a plethora of players in the past decade admit to dealing with personal mental health issues and this type of position could assist people like them. Mental health issues are real and there are undoubtedly many players who deal with them across the league. This type of position will assist all professional athletes to not be hampered by their mental health and instead enable them to reach their utmost potential at potentially the big league level.

According to the announcement, the minor league health coordinator will be responsible for providing numerous services to Dodgers players to comply with MLB mental health initiatives. These will include creating paths for players to comply with rules regarding therapeutic use exemptions, drug use, domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, and suicide prevention.

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