Dodgers Could Have Been Team of the Decade According To This Stat

Already, we have examined the Los Angeles Dodgers’ most memorable moments of the past decade. In addition, we took a look at their top-10 home runs of the decade gone by.

Now another noteworthy item about the past decade slides across the desk, and it shouldn’t be glossed over. Typically I have felt and said that to be a Dodgers fan right now is living a charmed life. On MLB’s official Instagram page, a stat was posted that exhibits that well. Indeed, the Dodgers nearly had the most regular season wins in the 2010s; finishing just two behind the New York Yankees.

Take a look below – and realize that since the 2010 season began – the Dodgers have won about 92 games per season. Furthermore, that works out to be 919 wins. That’s a lot of winning.

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Who will top the list in the 2020s?

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Altogether, here are how the top five teams stack up over the past decade:

  1. New York Yankees (921 wins)
  2. Los Angeles Dodgers (919 wins)
  3. St. Louis Cardinals (899 wins)
  4. Washington Nationals (879 wins)
  5. Boston Red Sox (872 wins)

Obviously this makes the Dodgers the winningest regular season team in the NL during that timespan. Sure, many of you will comment below and talk about how there was no World Series victory. In saying that, you are correct.

Still, it beats the alternative. I assure you that 90 percent of teams in the league would trade places for the success that the Dodgers have had. Ultimately, they just haven’t finished it off. By and large, it’s still been a lot of enjoyable baseball that makes things a bit more lively in these parts.

And it could be that the best is yet to come, since a new decade has begun.

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