Dodgers Remaining 2020 Needs Discussed by MLB Network

The subtitle is the truth. The Dodgers do not have any glaring needs, but one. The Dodgers are projected to win their eighth consecutive NL West title in 2020 are the current favorites to win the NL pennant. They are littered with top-flight talent and top-flight prospects. They have a bright future and a bright present.

However, the Dodgers biggest need is a superstar.

While the Dodgers’ current roster is set up well for contention, the addition of a superstar via trade now that the free agency window has basically passed is the best way to provide a much-needed jolt to the Dodgers clubhouse.

In a recent segment on MLB Network, Anthony Castrovince of discussed the Dodgers and their remaining needs. He gave the Dodgers a ‘freak-out meter’ of a 5.1 on a 10-point scale, meaning he is only mildly worried that the Dodgers have done nothing so far this winter.

Still in a Good Spot

The Dodgers remain in an excellent position in 2020 despite only truly subtracting this off-season. They signed Blake Treinen, but lost Hyun-Jin Ryu.

“With the Dodgers, I’m going to put the worry at a 5.1. That was Hyun-Jin Ryu’s WAR. Losing Ryu is the big roster loss for the Dodgers, but I am of two minds with the Dodgers. On one hand, they won the division by 21 games last year and they have depth everywhere. They project to have an above average player at every position on the field in 2020. They have upside in the rotation with Julio Urias and Dustin May. They have further upside in their lineup with Gavin Lux and Alex Verdugo. There is a lot to love about this team.”

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Tremendous Upside

The team does have tremendous upside and it would not at all be surprising to see them win 106 games again. They have a roster that seems to consistently be supplemented with young talent.

“On the other hand, it is okay for Dodger fans to freak out. They lost two World Series and then did not advance out of the first round.”

Holding Out Hope

The Dodgers still have time before the season starts to get something going and Castrovince believes something could still happen:

“They are pegged to be in on every superstar in the market via free agency or trade and so far here we are in December and nothing has happened. I still think something could happen. It is a team with enormous depth in the minor league system and a lot of payroll flexibility.”

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