Dodgers Could Land Nolan Arenado After Opt-Out, Says One Former MLB GM

On Friday morning, I tuned into SiriusXM MLB Network Radio to hear Jim Bowden talking about Nolan Arenado. First, Bowden and co-host mention that the Atlanta Braves are interested in acquiring Arenado.

Notably, Atlanta has prospects that the Rockies like enough to consider moving Arenado. However, the Braves have concerns with Arenado’s current salary.

Equally important, the chatter quickly shifted to the Los Angeles Dodgers in regards to Arenado. Then, Jim Bowden dropped the big line.

Indeed, Bowden said the following regarding the Colorado Rockies’ star third baseman.

“Everyone around Nolan Arenado has told me he wants to be a Dodger. He will opt out before 2022 and sign with them [in my opinion].”

While the Dodgers association with Arenado is nothing new, a first-hand account that he would like to play for the Dodgers is nice to hear. Remember, Jeff Passan recently stated that he feels Arenado in Los Angeles is the perfect fit.

By comparison, Anthony Rendon didn’t want to play in Los Angeles due to the ‘Hollywood lifestyle’. Therefore, reports that Arenado wants to wear blue and play in Tinseltown are beyond exciting. Especially since Arenado is younger than Rendon, and has posted superior (albeit Coors Field-aided) numbers in his career.

Finally, you might eventually get Nolan Arenado as a Los Angeles Dodger. However, you may be waiting a few years for it to happen. Does this still excite you Dodgers fans? Let us know in the comments below.

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