Dodgers Need To Get Aggressive, Says Sirius XM MLB Radio Host

It’s been an off-season short on excitement thus far for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently, the lack of impact moves had a writer questioning their end goal. Certainly the Dodgers are the best team in the NL West, but the neat colored pennants that fly are not ones of division crowns each year.

Now, MLB Network Radio on Sirius XM host C.J. Nitkowski says that the Dodgers need another star. In fact, he just comes out and says that Los Angeles needs to get aggressive. Have a listen below, and pay attention to the fact that he is counting on Dustin May making the rotation along with his remarks.

First, David Price’s name resurfaces once again. Of course the association between the Dodgers and Price is really veiled by his time with president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman in Tampa.

“Always when I go back to when I talk about the Dodgers, Andrew Friedman knows David Price very well. But he is 34 years old, there are some issues there. It was an average year for him. Strikeouts are still really good – would he benefit from going to the National league for the first time in his career?”

Then – Nitkowski drops the hammer and says that in spite of having May – the Dodgers must be aggressive at this stage.

“At this point, they gotta get a little aggressive. I know that fans in Los Angeles excited about the idea of Dustin May. But those three guys at the bottom of the rotation, those are three swing men. They’re not gonna give those guys 32 starts a year, especially Urias and Stripling. That’s not how they use them.”

Finally, Nitkowski closes with his main point; that the Dodgers could use one more rotation veteran.

“Even with Dustin May if he gets into the rotation, I would be very interested in trading for David Price or Robbie Ray.”

Obviously, the organization agrees with Nitkowski somewhat given the fact they were active in the Gerrit Cole and Madison Bumgarner market. While the names can be interchangeable, do the Dodgers need to be aggressive in getting more pitching? Or just another impact player?

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