Former Dodgers Pitcher Alex Wood Discusses Astros Cheating Allegations

We have heard just about everyone inside of the Dodgers’ organization give their opinions on the cheating allegations against the Houston Astros. A large chunk of these cheating escapades came during the 2017 season per reports and as well all know, the Dodgers played Houston in the 2017 World Series and lost in seven games. Whether or not the World Series was compromised has yet to be confirmed.

Now a free agent, left-handed starting pitcher Alex Wood weighed in on the Astros cheating scandal. Wood was a member of the World Series roster for Los Angeles in 2017 and even tossed a no-hitter for five innings during the series. In a recent column by Andy McCullough of The Athletic, Wood discussed:

‘Nervous as Sh–‘

Alex Wood told McCullough about the biggest stage of his career, coming into Game 4 of the World Series with the Dodgers down 2-1 in the series. He said that he was pretty scared:

“I was nervous as sh–. I can admit that, three years later.”

The reason, though, was not solely from natural nerves and anxiety. He had heard whispers that something else was at play:

“We’d heard whispers of some of the shady stuff they’d been doing. Obviously, we had no idea it was to the extent that came out, in terms of setting up cameras in the tunnel and banging on trash cans. That’s pretty wild.”

It is still pretty wild to acknowledge this large-scale cheating scandal. The most bad-ass part of the game for Wood, though, was that he beat a cheating Astros team by allowing just one solo home run across 5 2/3 innings of work. They cheated and he still conquered the day. Sure, the Astros took the series, but that was a small yet unbeknownst victory at the time.

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Alex Wood provided a good standard for the way fans and the Dodgers themselves should view the situation going forward. He said:

“I’m not going to waste my time feeling that way. It sucks. And it’s bullsh–. But it is what it is. Nothing is going to change. I don’t want to be the person looking back my whole life, saying ‘The Astros stole a World Series from me.’ You know what I mean?”

This one will sting, but it can no longer be changed.

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