Dodgers: ESPN’s Passan Calls Nolan Arenado the Perfect Guy for Los Angeles

Jeff Passan of ESPN has placed himself firmly inside an exclusive group of reliable Major League Baseball insiders in recent years. On the most recent episode of Dodgers right-hander Ross Stripling’s ‘Big Swing Podcast’, Jeff Passan told Stripling and co-host Cooper Surles that he believes the Dodgers couldn’t have any better of a fit than Nolan Arenado.

Here is the link to the full audio on Apple Podcasts:

Passan discussed his respect for the Dodgers’ player development staff and also talked about how he believes the Dodgers front office should make big moves in an effort to not waste their best players’ primes. Clayton Kershaw’s prime was exhausted for zero World Series titles and both Walker Buehler and Cody Bellinger could eventually meet the same fate.

“So many of the guys who are on the Dodgers are in their prime. You do not want to miss that window when you have so many major-league ready and top-end talent. Let’s just say for argument’s sake that you guys do not make a big move this winter. I still think you’re going to. I think Nolan Arenado would be the absolute perfect guy to bring in. I just don’t think that that is a reality simply because Colorado would not trade him to you, but Kris Bryant is out there.”

As has been widely reported, the Colorado Rockies have expressed some interest in dealing their franchise cornerstone, third baseman Nolan Arenado. However, it has also been reported that they would be very hesitant to deal him inside of their own division which in turn, practically eliminates the Dodgers from contention for his services.

The Dodgers still remain around $37.5 million under the luxury tax and have the room to spend. Let’s just see if they decide to make the big move.

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