Dodgers Hire Rob Hill of Driveline Baseball as Pitching Coordinator

The Dodgers are continuing to rebuild their pitching development staff following the departure of long-time pitching coach Rick Honeycutt. It appears that the club is emphasizing analytics with their new hires with Mark Prior moving from bullpen coach to pitching coach and Josh Bard returning as the bullpen coach. Today, Rob Hill of Driveline Baseball has announced that he has accepted a position with the Dodgers as a pitching coordinator.

Hill follows in a long line of Driveline Baseball coordinators and disciples being hired by Major League Baseball clubs. Recently, the Cincinnati Reds hired the founder of Driveline, Kyle Boddy, and an associate, Derek Johnson. Hill is a fantastic follow on Twitter if you are fond of analytics.

Via Twitter, Hill said this about his approach to his new job title with the Dodgers:

“My aim is to continue to change the direction of the game from the inside out.”

Hill will continue to man his post with Driveline Baseball, but is now employed by the Dodgers and figures to help the club continue their recent success by way of analytical baseball.

While Rick Honeycutt was an amazing pitching coach, it is excellent to see the Dodgers emphasize analytics with their coaching staff. Who knows — with the help of Hill, guys like Clayton Kershaw could find their velocity once again.

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