Dodgers: Max Muncy and Austin Barnes Go to Dubai

The Dodgers have always been an excellent organization in terms of globalizing their brand and spreading the love of baseball to other parts of the world. They have one of the most prominent baseball influences in the Dominican Republic, have played games in Australia, and now have immersed themselves in the United Arab Emirates.

Two Dodgers worked together with Emirates Airlines to spread that love of the game to the UAE in Dubai. Infielder Max Muncy and catcher Austin Barnes headed out to the Middle East, a place where baseball is not a widespread sport, to engage with young baseball fans.

And now we know where Muncy was on vacation when all that mail piled up at his house.

The Dodgers have long been partners with Emirates Airlines (since 2016) and have worked together for quite some time to grow the game of baseball.

Muncy and Barnes visited the American School of Dubai to hold a Q&A session, sign autographs, and provide hitting instruction. In addition, the two Dodgers played a game of cricket, one of the biggest sports in the United Arab Emirates, with staff of Emirates. To conclude the day, the two players headed to Dubai Little League Park to do some more of the same.

The efforts of Emirates Airlines, the Dodgers, Austin Barnes, and Max Muncy will have a tremendous impact on growing the game of baseball to a worldwide scale. In it, they have created lifelong fans in a place where there are very few.

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