Dodgers: Potential Mookie Betts Trade Package Discussed on MLB Network

As you have probably seen over the past few weeks, yes, the Dodgers are in talks with the Boston Red Sox regarding both former MVP outfielder Mookie Betts and starting pitcher David Price.

On a recent MLB Network segment, the crew of MLBN discussed a potential trade package that would put both players in Los Angeles. While this suggestion from former general manager Dan O’Dowd is not the best, it provides a rough estimate for what the talks are expected to consist of.

The dynamics of a potential Betts and Price deal are extremely complicated. The money both players are owed mixed in with the way both clubs operate could either complicate or smooth out the process. Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman has a very solid relationship with the Red Sox newly-hired Chaim Bloom, also a positive in these discussions.

In evaluating this proposal, it is rather lopsided. The only true value the Red Sox would be receiving is financial levity and three middle-tier prospects. Dennis Santana is a wild card, Jordan Sheffield is a relief prospect (that was passed over by all 30 teams in the recent Rule-5 Draft), and Jeren Kendall has a pretty low floor, albeit with an extremely high ceiling.

This trade would not be accepted by Boston in all likelihood.

According to Baseball Trade Values, both teams would be getting negative returns in value. The Dodgers would get the better of the deal, acquiring -$10 million in value while relinquishing -$13.8 million in value. While it is pretty close, the overall dynamics do not make sense for either side. If the mentioned cash considerations are sizable, it makes it even more lopsided.

A potential trade package that would actually make sense for both sides is something in the realm of this:

Dodgers Trade: OF Alex Verdugo, 1B Edwin Rios, C Connor Wong

Red Sox Trade: OF Mookie Betts

In this scenario, the Dodgers would acquire $50 million in value and the Red Sox would be acquiring $58.9 million. While the Red Sox would be getting more value, the trade would make sense for both sides. The Dodgers would absorb all the money owed to Betts — about $27.7 million in his final year of arbitration — and the Red Sox would be acquiring a ready-made replacement and two solid prospects, one of whom has already hit at the big league level.

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