Dodgers Don’t Want To Involve Gavin Lux In Any Trade Rival Teams Believe

Obviously, a key component in any impending Los Angeles Dodgers trade scenario has been infielder Gavin Lux. Whether or not the Dodgers are willing to deal a young player who ranks highly on the overall MLB prospects list has been left to question.

Until Tuesday night.

A tweet from Jon Heyman signifies that the Dodgers hold Lux in very high regard. For instance, take a look at what Heyman says in regards to the belief about the club’s feeling on Gavin Lux.

Without question, the key snippet in this Heyman tweet is the part about ‘the belief so far of many (other teams) is that LA wouldn’t involve Lux in any scenario’.

Moreover – if that is true – it could shed some light on why the Cleveland Indians attempted to get creative in recent discussions. Remember, starting pitcher Mike Clevinger became a name that entered the fray late and seemingly out of nowhere at the Winter Meetings. Perhaps it was to get the Dodgers to involve Lux in a swap, with us trying to speculate here.

Earlier Tuesday, Ken Rosenthal broke down some of the Dodgers’ trade talks. Notably, very little of his dialogue involved Gavin Lux.

Indeed if we are reading between the lines, it appears that Heyman’s assessment of the Dodgers wanting to hang onto Lux is accurate. Certainly one should be able to understand this, as Lux could be one of baseball’s best offensive players in a short time period. Still, if you are the general manager for Los Angeles; would you involve Lux in a trade that you think would put you over the top right now?

Let us know in the comments section below why or why not.

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