Dodgers: Max Muncy Clarifies Request For Fans to Respect his Privacy

We all love Max Muncy. He is one of the Dodgers’ best players and is an absolute gamer each and every time he steps onto the field. However, he is not exactly pleased with receiving a ton of mail from fans… to his front door in Texas.

The issue started with this image and Muncy’s immediate gut reaction after returning home from a vacation with his wife.

Unfortunately, the user above — like many — read this as Muncy being ungrateful for the support from his fans. Max Muncy is not being ungrateful to fans — he is concerned about safety and privacy like every other person on the planet.

First and foremost, Mad Max has every right to be upset with hundreds of fans knowing his address. While no fans have done any harm outside of asking him for an autograph, this 100% presents a safety and privacy issue for Max Muncy and his family. It simply is not cool.


After receiving some hate comments claiming that he was being ungrateful for his fans, Muncy released a statement to clarify the issue at hand.

“I would like to take a moment to clarify my previous post. My wife and I genuinely cherish and respect each and every one of you, and can honestly say there are no better fans in baseball than Dodger fans. I truly enjoy going through and reading each of your letters and am more than happy to sign any cards or memorabilia that you have for me. With that being said, at some point over the past few months, our home address in Texas was leaked and we have been swamped with all of the items we are receiving. To help protect my family’s privacy and safety, I want to ask you to please send all requests going forward to the Dodgers clubhouse in Los Angeles. Please accept my apology and know how thankful we are to be a part of the best organization in MLB.”

Just respect his privacy. It isn’t too much to ask. If you truly love Max Muncy or any of the Dodgers for that matter, don’t send them stuff to their private homes.

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