Dodgers: Francisco Lindor Trade Must Include Gavin Lux, Says Jim Bowden

The Dodgers have yet to make their big move this off-season, failing to sign any of the big three of Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and Anthony Rendon, and only signing right-handed reliever Blake Treinen. While Treinen is a significant move, fans are begging for more action from the Dodgers’ president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman.

The biggest names that the Dodgers have been attached to consistently this off-season that are still available in trade talks are Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor and starting pitcher Mike Clevinger. Both players are amazing in their own right, but they would cost significant value in terms of prospect value — something along the lines of a Gavin Lux and Dustin May led package plus more. It might be worth it, it might not. It all depends on who Lux and May develop into.

In a recent interview on MLB Network Radio, Jim Bowden says that the Dodgers likely do not have the ability to get a deal done for Lindor without the inclusion of consensus top-five prospect Gavin Lux.

“No Lux, no Lindor.”

This contradicts some other reports regarding the Dodgers’ pursuits, but it might ring true.

“There’s a package to be made for Francisco Lindor if Gavin Lux is in it.”

Here is an example of one of those conflicting reports:

We will see what the Dodgers do eventually end up doing, but as it stands, Lindor might be the best chance for an offseason splash.

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