Dodgers Did Not Offer Anthony Rendon a Contract, Per Report

Via reputable sources close to the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was stated that Anthony Rendon was viewed as highly as any free agent in the Andrew Friedman era. However in the end, that high impression of Rendon was not enough for the Dodgers’ front office to offer Rendon a contract in free agency.

Indeed despite all of the reports that said the Dodgers were ‘in on Rendon’ up until Wednesday, Jorge Castillo tweets a sobering update in the wake of Rendon signing with the nearby Los Angeles Angels.

Now, Castillo says the Dodgers had a sense that Rendon did not want to play in Los Angeles. By comparison – and as you now know – Rendon signed a 7-year, $245 million dollar contract to play with Mike Trout in nearby Anaheim.

Undeniably, the Dodgers have some explaining to do to their fan base and the baseball community in general. For instance, so many questions exist.

First off, manager Dave Roberts was on MLB Network Radio on Tuesday night talking about the meeting he had with Rendon and his wife. Second, the Dodgers have been talking about Justin Turner changing positions from third base to make room for Rendon since October.

Finally, all the conjecture about Rendon being the prized free agent in existence of the Friedman era just creates question marks.

Without question, it’s worth wondering if Stan Kasten and company really understand how badly stuff like this hurts. Remember, Kasten said on MLB Network on Tuesday that the losses the Dodgers suffer hurt the front office executives more than the fans.

Truly if that is the case, don’t you pick up the phone and at least find out if Rendon is really that averse to playing in California? Especially given the fact that your veteran leader is willing to change positions for him?

For once, I am left with an almost unlimited amount of questions. And all of us will be left with the fallout explanation of why it went down this way between Rendon and the Dodgers.

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