New York Yankees Reportedly Sign Gerrit Cole to Record 9 Year Deal for $324 Million

Looks like the 2019 Winter Meetings in San Diego have just produced two of the biggest contracts in baseball history. First, the 7 year/$245M deal for Stephen Strasburg and now, Gerrit Cole has reportedly signed a 9 year deal with the Yankees for $324 Million.

Scott Boras has broken convention and gotten deals done for his top two pitching clients so far this off-season and you would have to argue that he played the teams against each other perfectly.

The Dodgers were supposedly players for Cole as they have the team and the cash to make a deal happen, but when word came out that Boras was seeking a number over $300M, it was just a race between the Yankees and Angels with the Yankees holding a major financial advantage over the hometown leverage the Angels had in their back pocket.

We’ll continue to update the situation as we learn more.


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