Dodgers and Dave Roberts Continue Talk of Rolling out Red Carpet for Anthony Rendon

Already we have mentioned the Los Angeles Dodgers signaling the proverbial ‘red carpet’ treatment for marquee free agent Anthony Rendon. Now ironically, Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts joins MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM to talk about that exact subject.

While you can hear the entire interview below, Roberts sounds like the Dodgers are heavily in the mix on Rendon in taking the skipper’s comments to heart.

First, Roberts talks about the leader of the clubhouse Justin Turner and his willingness to win; including changing positions if it means the Dodgers can add Rendon.

“Justin Turner set the tone for the winter, saying publicly if we get Rendon he will move to the other side of the diamond. So that’s a conversation I didn’t even have to initiate or follow up. it just speaks towards the character of the player. When a player can say I am all about winning then change a position, that’s walking the walk.”

Obviously, this should speak towards the true greatness of Turner as a Dodger and add to his legacy. Whether it happens or it doesn’t, no one should ever forget the sacrifice he was willing to make in putting his own ego aside to attempt to land the Dodgers a player like Rendon. Without question – as Roberts says in so many words – this is an example of a player checking his ego at the door and saying he will do whatever it takes to win a title.

Next, Roberts is asked when Rendon may sign with the Dodgers or elsewhere. It’s important to remember that while the Dodgers seem the lead-dog in many ways on Rendon, there are several suitors in play.

“That I don’t know. And that’s the thing about free agency, we all talk about it and get excited about it. But the free agents drive that – it’s their market – and they have earned that opportunity. So we kind of made our pitch and had the opportunity to meet Anthony and his wife. Ultimately, all of these guys have a decision to make.”

Finally, the Rendon negotiations have reached a fever-pitch in regards to the Dodgers and all of baseball. Truly it sounds like the Dodgers are doing all they can to land a player that makes a lot of sense over the course of the next several years in the heart of the order.

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