Dodgers and Scott Boras Set to Meet, Discuss Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon

If you are in a pattern of thinking that the Dodgers are out of things regarding Gerrit Cole and Anthony Rendon, it’s time for reminder. First, the Dodgers appear to be readying an offer for Rendon or a third baseman of his caliber; judging by the signs.

Then, Jorge Castillo said on Tuesday afternoon from the MLB Winter Meetings that the Dodgers are in fact; still ‘in’ on both Cole and Rendon. Take a look at this tweet:

Indeed, Los Angeles has spent time with super agent Scott Boras regarding his two marquee clients. The key news is that the meetings are ongoing, because they are slated to meet with him again at some point today (Tuesday). All of this is told to Castillo via a source close to the situation.

In addition, Castillo tells us the the Los Angeles Angels also have a time scheduled with Boras on their own dance card. Certainly that meeting is to talk about Cole, and not Rendon; one would speculate.

While it seems like the Dodgers have prioritized Rendon over Cole, it’s possible that is putting the cart before the horse to declare.

Notably, things just seem to be moving at a quicker pace on the Cole negotiations. Remember, on Tuesday that the Yankees offered Cole a record contract according to Buster Olney. Equally important, a ‘mystery team’ or two is now in the mix for Cole and vying for his services.

It’s entirely possible that the Dodgers want both guys the same amount, but simply view Rendon as a more realistic pursuit at this point. Until we hear official word, the Dodgers absolutely remain in the mix on both of these players; if what Castillo says constitutes ‘in the mix’ to you.

Let’s hope that all of this isn’t a Boras ploy to drive up the price of both players.

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