Dodgers New 2020 Nike Uniforms Unveiled

While many mock-ups have been shown, the Los Angeles Dodgers have not officially shown the new 2020 Nike uniforms. That is, until Monday.

Finally, we have a look at the new uniforms that will be worn by the Dodgers in 2020; complete with the Nike swoosh on the front. Therefore, here is a look at the new threads in all their glory:

The Los Angeles Dodgers boast a proud tradition when it comes to uniforms, especially their home white edition. Remember, it was just earlier this year that they were voted to have the best uniform in the big leagues by other players around baseball. That’s something to hang your hat on, no pun.

Now, that tradition lives on with the same sleek and clean look that we have always known. However, there’s just that one minor addition to it all. And every big league team will have it due to Nike paying the dollars to get it on the front of all uniforms.

Equally important, what do you think of the logo on the front? Does it bother you? do you hardly notice it? Without question, this will be the first time that any type of logo and or advertisement has been shown on the front of baseball uniforms in the history of the sport.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts!

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