Dodgers Should Pursue Reliever Josh Hader Says MLB Network Insider

To begin the week, the New York Mets threw their name in the hat in regards to having major interest in Milwaukee Brewers’ reliever Josh Hader. However, one MLB Network insider believes that Hader is actually a better fit currently with the Los Angeles Dodgers than the Mets.

On MLB Tonight, Joel Sherman talks about the volatility of the reliever position. In addition, he says that Edwin Diaz is a perfect example of how trading prospects for a reliever isn’t always as safe as it appears. Still he makes a case on why the Dodgers are in the right position as an organization to add Hader.

First, here is the reasoning for Sherman banging the drum for the Dodgers to go after Josh Hader. It sounds like Sherman believes that while Hader may not be good for the next decade, he’s going to be good for the window the Dodgers have to win a championship.

“Since 2018 – if you just believe in Wins Above Replacement – he had the best Wins Above Replacement of anyone since a guy named Mariano Rivera in 2008. He became a mop-up guy who got non-tendered yesterday. Look what happened to Edwin Diaz. Generally if you’re a great centerfielder, you stay a great centerfielder in your prime. If you’re a great shortstop, you stay a great shortstop in his prime. This position (reliever) is fickle.”

Then Sherman states why the Dodgers are a better fit for Hader than the Mets. In short, he feels like Los Angeles is in position to win a title right now. By comparison, it sounds like he feels like the Mets would be more dangerous to mortgage their future on another reliever.

“The Dodgers who are clearly a championship contender who need this position? They should absolutely do what’s necessary to go get Josh Hader. The Mets? I am not so sure that’s what they should do.”

Finally, I do agree with Sherman. While Hader has his warts on and off the field, I think his fit with Los Angeles and ability to close is undeniable. Further, he provides the Dodgers with another option to go with in the ninth inning if Kenley Jansen falters. Without question – this would feel to me like the Dodgers are making a splash – even if they fail to reel in the tier-one free agents we are all hoping for.

Would You Like To See The Dodgers Get Josh Hader?

Do you feel like this would be a good move for the Dodgers? Why or why not?

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