Dodgers: Justin Turner’s Wife Issues a Great Non-Tender Day Burn on Twitter

Obviously, Los Angeles Dodgers’ slugger Justin Turner and his wife Kourtney are thick as thieves. For instance, they dressed as Chucky and Bride of Chucky this past Halloween. Indeed – and it’s not an easy title to earn – they are the undisputed power couple of Dodger baseball.

Therefore, this nugget of news should come as little surprise. Court with a K always has her husband’s back. While you may not remember December 2nd, 2013; Mrs. Turner does very vividly. Today was non-tender day in baseball, which saw some teams not offer contracts to veterans who then became free agents.

Some six years ago, the New York Mets were at a crossroads with players like Scott Atchison, Omar Quintanilla, and a little-known infielder named Justin Turner. Of course we now know what decision they arrived at, and they have likely come to rue the day.

In case they forgot, Kourtney is here to remind them of the mistake they made. Take a look at this tweet:

Since becoming a Los Angeles Dodger in 2014, Turner has become the heart and soul of the organization while stacking one productive season after another. After hitting .340 in his initial campaign in Los Angeles, he’s become a guy who will OPS at around an .850 to .900 clip perenially in the middle of the order.

Altogether in 754 games in Los Angeles, Turner has 112 home runs and a .303 average along with .381 on-base percentage. Furthermore, he’s finished in the top-15 in NL MVP voting three times.

Certainly he will go down as one of the most heroic Dodgers of all-time after his legendary Kirk Gibson anniversary walk-off home run in Los Angeles against the Cubs in the 2017 NLCS.

All of this was made possible because the New York Mets did a very Mets thing by non-tendering Turner on that infamous day in 2013. Thank you to Kourtney for reminding us all what an important day in Dodgers history that today is!

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