Dodgers: Why Was Justin Turner With Dan Marino on Sunday?

On Sunday, Los Angeles Dodgers’ third baseman Justin Turner was with NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino. We know this because Turner posted a picture of him and the legendary signal-caller on his Instagram.

Indeed, two masters of their craft in the same place; in what looks to be a very upscale room.

Therefore, what occasion brought the two together?

As it turns out, Turner is a huge Miami Dolphins fan. Furthermore, the reason he is a fan is because when he was just a little red beard, Dan the Man was throwing touchdown passes.

Apparently, Turner’s wife got him tickets to the Dolphins game on Sunday in Miami to see the Dolphins defeat the Philadelphia Eagles on a failed last minute Hail Mary attempt. During the game, Turner got to hang out with his childhood hero.

Finally, it’s nice to see the human element of various Dodgers in the off-season. For instance – while Turner was watching his childhood team on the gridiron – Cody Bellinger and Kenley Jansen were courtside with Tommy Lasorda.

While none of us can wait to see these guys in uniform at Dodger Stadium once again, it’s good to see them taking time out to relax and have a good time. Plus, hanging out with Dan Marino is a good way to spend a Sunday.

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