Dodgers Max Muncy Bat Giveaway on Instagram For The Holidays

Already, Dodgers fans should know that Max Muncy Instagram bat giveaways are the stuff of legend. For example, Muncy partnered with his bat company Lumberland back in October to provide a few lucky Dodger fans with some unique mugs.

Now, Muncy is back in action with a new holiday bat giveaway. This one caught my eye because he’s standing in front of a Dodger Blue Christmas Tree, always a nice touch.

Therefore, let’s take a look at what Mad Max is offering.

This time, Muncy has upped the ante. In this giveaway, he’s willing to part with another bat mug, a shot glass and a bottle opener. Of course, the items are made out of Muncy’s signature lumber; which is a unique grey looking bat that is one of the cooler pieces of wood used across all of the big leagues.

All you have to do is head to the Instagram post, tag two friends, and buy a product at Lumberland using the promotional code MM13 at checkout.

The slugger himself or someone in close cohorts of him will announce the winner of the contest on December 3.

Finally, this is a nice way for Muncy to bring some business to a company he’s loyal too by using one of his unique trademark products. Imagine having this in your kitchen cabinet as a talking piece when a baseball fan comes over.

That’s good enough for me to take the time to enter.

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