Dodgers: Ross Stripling Talks Astros Cheating Scandal on The Big Swing Podcast

The Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal has been not only the baseball story of the 2019 off-season, it’s been the primary story in all of sports. Recently, Joc Pederson gave his thoughts on the Astros’ alleged wrongdoings. In addition closer Kenley Jansen added his own while at a charity event.

Now, Friend of the Show and Dodgers’ starting pitcher Ross Stripling weighs in on The Big Swing Podcast. You can access the episode right here. Therefore, let’s take a look at what Stripling has to say about Houston’s antics over the last several seasons.

At the 17:30 mark, Stripling touches on the topic in a big way.

“If you’re doing your preparation between games and you’re watching video and you can read coverages or you have someone who has listened into audibles or signs, yeah that is totally legal. Same thing is Joe Blow is on the mound and he’s tipping his fastball and we whistle to the hitter. Stop tipping your pitches. Sign-stealing has been a part of baseball for 100 years. That’s totally legal. Where it starts crossing the line, is when you are using real-time technology to relay when there isn’t someone on base with a camera from centerfield. You’re messing with the integrity of the game that has been played over 100 years.”

Then Stripling offers a really great analogy that perhaps allows a sports fan to think of this in a new way. He says that what the Astros were doing was no different than stealing the plays from a quarterback’s headset.

“The idea that you can have a camera in centerfield into the catcher’s legs and relay them real-time to a hitter – that’s not baseball – that’s cheating. That would be like having a plug-in to Tom Brady’s headphone to know whatever the play is. That is hacking in, and that’s as egregious as what the Astros are being accused of.”

Honestly, I had not previously thought of it in this manner. While thinking of it the way Stripling puts it, a little animosity is uncovered within me; even more so than before for Houston.

Finally, Stripling puts it all in perspective what the entire thing means to him as a big leaguer.

“When you have players and staff cheating, that’s creating a culture of cheating. That’s a serious issue. It’s not just one player, but you have an entire organization-wide thing. If that’s the case – not saying that it is – it’s going to be a defining moment in Rob Manfred’s career in terms of punishment. Can you take away a World Series?”

The Big Swing is always a nice, easy listen. Major props to Stripling for giving his honest thoughts while not making accusations until the entirety of facts are known.

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