Wishing Dodgers Legend Vin Scully a Happy 92nd Birthday!

Undeniably it’s hard to believe that Vin Scully has been absent from the Los Angeles Dodgers’ broadcast booth as long as he has. Without question – he’s the reason I am a Dodgers fan – and the reason many of you are as well.

Equally important, Scully celebrates 92 years of life today. Recently Scully conducted a long interview with David Halberstam of Sports Broadcast Journal. It’s absolutely required reading for you on his big day, but we will trim a few of the highlights for you here.

First – if you’re wondering how his retirement is going – Scully says time flies when you’re relaxed and having fun.

“It’s okay. I thought time would flow slowly and that I would regularly read a couple good books. It’s the other way around. Time flies. My wife Sandy and I have two expressions. One is, ‘Wow, it’s Friday,’ and the other is, ‘Did you see, it’s 5 o’clock!’” We laugh.”

Altogether, it sounds like not a lot has changed for the man of magical voice. Still he holds his wife Sandy near and dear, and he’s still just operating on that famous ‘day to day’ premise.

“My wife (Sandy) and I are doing well together. It’s the most important thing left in life. If you want to make God smile, tell him your plans. At this point, I’m talking about making it to 92!”

Certainly it’s easy to get caught up in the fact that other teams have won titles since 1988. Moreover, it’s easy to be jealous that another team signs a key free agent you want the Dodgers to grab. However, none of those people got to enjoy the treasure that is Vin Scully quite like Dodgers’ fans.

That’s a leg up on anyone else in one department in life if you ask me. Happy Birthday Vin, from everyone at Dodgers Nation!

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