In Free Agency, Dodgers Possibly Using Smoke-Screens Through Media Says MLB Writer

Recently, MLB insider Jon Heyman released a tweet that seemed much ado about nothing. Basically the tweet says that the Dodgers are looking at the upper crust of the free agent market, but only if the pieces come together for a deal.

Furthermore – as I read through it a few times – I wondered what new information this was telling us. Now, another writer has weighed in to tell us his take on it. Indeed, Craig Calcaterra who runs Hardball Talk for NBC sports believes the Dodgers are most interested in the impression that they’re interested in players.

First, look at what Calcaterra says in his own post on the subject. Honestly – as I said – I had this thought when I read Heyman’s tweet.

Screen doors on submarines. Ejector seats on helicopters. But I’m struggling to think of one thing more useless than hot stove rumors in which a team is said to be interested in so-and-so a player but “only at the right price” or “only if the budget will allow” or words to that effect.

Next, Calcaterra says that the Dodgers are using Heyman as a mouthpiece to create the effect that they’re more in on guys like Stephen Strasburg, Gerrit Cole, and Anythony Rendon then they truly are.

Typically, this kind of thing is offered by team-friendly reporters who are talking to someone with the team, in this case the Dodgers, who wishes to create the impression that the team is “in on” a top free agent.

Finally, I hope that this is nothing more than futile opinion by a writer. However I do believe that Calcaterra could be on the money here. Until the Dodgers set the proverbial hook and reel in one of these big name free agents, they leave themselves open to this kind of second guessing.

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