MLB Insider says LA Dodgers Eyeing Top of the Free Agent Market

The Dodgers have their sights set at the top of the free-agent market and are looking at starting pitchers Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg, as well as third baseman Anthony Rendon, according to Jon Heyman of MLB Network.

However, Heyman said the team has set valuations for each player and they intend to remain disciplined. This should come as no surprise because that’s basically how every team works.

While that may be discouraging to fans, it is likely the Dodgers value all of them highly, so that wouldn’t take them out of the market. It has already been reported the Dodgers love Rendon and Cole more than any other free-agent during the Friedman era.

That love of Cole and Rendon is rightly warranted. Both are among the best players in the game and would fill a need on the roster. They both fit this team so perfectly, you can debate to sign Cole or Rendon and wouldn’t be wrong either way.

The Dodgers can afford one of them while staying under the luxury tax with some other moves that wouldn’t hurt the roster. But in reality, the owners should allow Friedman to go over the luxury tax to get one — or both, but that won’t happen — of these players. It remains to be seen how much ownership is willing to spend.

Expect all the big-name players, and lesser know guys, to continue being connected to the Dodgers until they sign a contract.

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