WATCH: Dodgers Catcher Austin Barnes Hears Astros Knock Knock Joke

Instagram user “bobby_rodz” along with a young fan got the opportunity of a lifetime to tell a major league baseball player a joke. The player was Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes. And of course, the joke was a knock knock joke.

The young fan has obviously kept up with the Astros sign stealing scandal as he came in hot with the popular joke found in memes on social media.

The exchange goes like this:

Fan: “Knock knock.”
Barnes: “Who’s there?”
Fan: “Change up.”
Barnes: “Change up who?”
Fan: “Two knocks is a change up.”
A happy Barnes “Yeah, huh!”

Meme culture has hit the Astros hard since the allegations came to light, thanks to Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drellich at The Athletic. We highlighted some additional trolling here.

Austin Barnes was the starting catcher for the Dodgers in the 2017 World Series against the Houston Astros. Moreover, players from the squad are coming out resigned to the fact that they “kinda knew something was up.”

Might as well laugh at something as simple as a knock knock joke rather than live in the past and be angry about it.

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