Dodgers: Corey Seager Identified as Trade Candidate by MLB Pundit

Dodgers’ all-star shortstop Corey Seager has already been at the center of trade speculation this off-season.

Now, Richard Justice of is adding more fire to the rumors with an article titled Stars on the move? Here is what Justice said of a potential Seager trade.

The Dodgers under Andrew Friedman have resisted trading their best young players. Now, after another disappointing October, industry speculation is that he’d like a different look in 2020. Seager is 25, has a career .853 OPS and is two years from free agency. If the Dodgers make him available, teams would line up to make an offer.

The highlight from that is the industry speculation is that the Dodgers would like a different look in 2020.

As it mentioned, Seager would be a popular trade candidate if he was available. Moving him could help the Dodgers make a big splash for someone like Mookie Betts or Francisco Lindor.

Justice lists the Phillies, Yankees, White Sox and Nationals as possible landing spots for Seager.

Surprisingly, Justice did not list the Indians as a team to look for in a Seager trade.

The Indians love to move backward and forward at the same time when they trade. Seager is just behind Lindor so the Dodgers could headline a Lindor package with Seager and add in someone like Ross Stripling and/or Joc Peterson to get a deal done.

The Indians would downgrade a bit at shortstop while making a significant upgrade in their outfield or adding a middle of the rotation starter.

Seager, 25, has been a very productive player in his career and has performed at a superstar level as recently as 2017. However, injuries have slowed him down and kept him off the field often over the last two seasons.

Should the Dodgers try to trade Seager this off-season? Let us know in the comments below.

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