Dodgers MVP: Cody Bellinger Reaction to Winning, Voting Ballot Breakdown, and Message To Fans

Indeed, Cody Bellinger won the 2019 National League Most Valuable Player Award on Thursday night. Finally, Los Angeles Dodgers fans can relax. While the long wait for a title presses ahead, the wait for a position-player MVP is over.

Of course, it should be celebrated. Therefore, we will do it all in one spot. After all – in the words of the MVP himself – to have a player of this magnitude playing in your city on a nightly basis is ‘pretty cool’.

Cody Bellinger Talks About Winning 2019 NL Most Valuable Player

First, after winning the award; Bellinger was visibly emotional. He was asked by MLB Network host Greg Amsinger why he was emotional upon winning the award.

“It’s absolutely incredible, it’s really cool that my family and friends are here. I’m a little emotional, so it’s pretty cool.”

After a pause and in a light few have seem him, Bellinger’s eyes were filled with tears.

“It’s what you dream of, man. For sure. What made me emotional is my dad, hugging him.”

Now, let me get some kleenex so I can finish this post; I’m a little choked up myself.

2019 NL MVP Voting Ballot Breakdown

In the end, the voting was not as close as was once thought. Recently, Jon Heyman predicted that Bellinger would win. Moreover, our own FRG of the Blue Heaven Podcast (and Editor in Chief of this site) told me today that Bellinger would win because he has been on the minds of voters all year long. Undeniably, both of these gentleman were correct.

Evidenced by the final tally, Bellinger received 19 first-place votes. By comparison, Christian Yelich received ten, and Anthony Rendon just one. While it wasn’t a unanimous selection, it was a narrow enough margin to declare Bellinger the clear MVP. Still, a lot of credit needs given to Yelich for his injury-shortened season.

Cody Bellinger’s Message To Fans

Upon winning the award, the Los Angeles Dodgers official twitter account put up a video from Bellinger.

Here’s what he said.

“Hey guys it’s Cody. Thank you guys for the support all year long. I could not have done it without you guys. I’m excited to get back out there in 2020 and then hopefully we have another great year.”

Short and sweet and to the point, just like we prefer. Finally, let me end this post by saying thank you, Cody both from Dodgers Nation; and the legions of fans who enjoyed your electrifying play in 2019.

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