Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Speaks On Cubs Re-Tooling, Off-Season Vision

Already, Jorge Castillo reports that Dodgers’ ownership is not forcing the front office to stay under the luxury tax. Right now, Los Angeles is free to add whomever they want; and by any means necessary. Recently, the Chicago Cubs made some headlines by allowing Kris Bryant’s name to be whispered amongst superstars who could be moved this off-season.

Now, Jesse Rogers of ESPN talks about the Chicago Cubs re-tooling of their roster. Furthermore, Dodgers president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman weighs in on how the Los Angeles is looking at things headed into winter.

First off, Friedman says the Cubs are in an information gathering stage. This – he says – will allow Chicago to know what direction they want to go in moving forward. Whether or not that means a big-name like Bryant is on the move or not remains to be seen. Still, it sounds like Friedman has been in a similar position before.

“To collect as much information as they can and figure out what makes sense for them balancing the short term and the long term,” Friedman said of Chicago. “I don’t think they know what that means right now. It’s important not to be too rigid in your thinking, and as you collect more information, it helps you navigate in different directions.”

Therefore, where does that leave the Dodgers in comparison to the Cubs? Thankfully, Friedman has a quote on that as well. Equally important, it at least sounds like the front office is ready to make some power moves.

“We’re going in saying we want to add as many talented players as we can, and we can move things around,” Dodgers president Andrew Friedman said of his roster. “As we sit here today, we have some future flexibility, we have a deep pipeline of prospects, we have a talented major league roster. We like the position we’re in now. How we navigate things will be dictated by the market.”

Finally, does this quote about the market mean something like the Dodgers make a surprise huge move like acquiring Mookie Betts? In the near future we should hear some rumors start to cement. For now, we are waiting to see how the Dodgers ‘navigate’; as Friedman so eloquently puts it.

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