Dodgers: 2017 World Series Potentially Impacted by Astros Sign Stealing

In 2017, the two best teams in baseball matched up against each other — the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The two teams were so evenly matched that they went seven games and you know the rest. The Astros were rewarded for their patience with the rebuild with a World Series title — something that has evaded the Dodgers for 31 years and counting.

The Astros won fair and square — or so we thought. As of now, we are unsure of whether or not the Houston Astros gained a competitive advantage from electronic sign stealing in the 2017 World Series, but it sure appears that way. This story most likely will not go away for some time. In terms of the World Series, though, it is fair to question the integrity of Houston as an organization and the integrity of their World Series win. Still, they could have beaten the Dodgers fair and square — they were one of the top-two teams in baseball in terms of talent.

This is huge news for baseball and it comes in a long line of controversial occurrences that have seemed to follow the Houston Astros around in 2019. There is the sign-stealing, but there is also the comments made by Brandon Taubman that ultimately led to his firing.

We will never know if the World Series was impacted by sign stealing, most likely. As mentioned previously, there is really no way you should discredit the Astros because of how historically good they were. The Dodgers were right there with them. If they cheated to win a World Series, it definitely sucks. However, we just simply do not have the evidence yet to prove anything — innocent until proven guilty.

What do you think? Did the Astros pull a New England Patriots in the World Series?

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