Dodgers: MLB Analyst Chris Rose Talks Off-Season Trade Market, Francisco Lindor

The 2019-2020 off-season is already shaping up to be a wild one for the LA Dodgers. The club has been linked to just about every major name on the market — both free agent, and of the trade variety. A few days ahead of MLB’s general manager meetings in Arizona, Dodgers Nation talked shop with MLB Network host Chris Rose about some off-season topics… including Cleveland star Francisco Lindor.

First Rose touched on the 2019 club and its surprising early exit from the playoffs. He also shared his thoughts on a key difference-maker missing from the LA postseason roster.

That’s the problem with a 5 game series… they had such a good year. I think they missed [Alex] Verdugo in that series a lot. I thought he gave them a ton offensively and defensively — really good at-bats in a time where strikeouts are all over the place.

Of course, the big question — or series of questions — for Los Angeles is where do they go this off-season?

I think the Dodgers are kind of primed for a big trade now. I know it hasn’t been their MO to do that in the off-season, but you win the division seven straight years, and you’ve been to the World Series two of the last three but can’t quite get over the hump… I think they’re gonna look real closely at that roster and see that there are some big names that might be able to be had.

On the idea of going after superstar free agents like Gerrit Cole or Anthony Rendon, “Rosey” feels the club could go after them this winter, but he feels stronger about the trade market for LA.

We know the names that are out there, where it’s [Francisco] Lindor, or [Mookie] Betts, or [Kris] Bryant — with Betts you’d be trading for a guy on a one year deal, and [the Dodgers] probably feel pretty set in the outfield, in particular in right field.

While pundits may often agree that the Dodger front office has been correct to hold on to their star prospects during this seven year division run, Rose feels that it could be in their best interest — for the club and the fans — to “change course a little bit.”

Frankie Lindor

Now for the real reason you clicked on this article… Francisco Lindor. Yes, the Cleveland shortstop was a name Dodger fans saw soon after the NLDS loss to Washington. Now Rose — a lifelong Indians fan — is seeing Lindor as a guy Andrew Friedman and company needs to seriously look in to.

What [Lindor] brings to the table, how he can change the dynamic of a club with his energy… you’re talking about a gold-glove shortstop who can hit 40 home runs; who gives you a good at-bat and loves the limelight.

I would do everything in my power if I’m Andrew Friedman to pry him away from the Indians. And the Dodgers have plenty of young, controllable players that the Indians would love.

Understanding the health questions surrounding current Dodger shortstop Corey Seager, Rose could be spot on in identifying Lindor as a must-get for Los Angeles. And the organization absolutely has the prospect capital to get a move done.

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