Dodgers Analyst Discusses The Possibility of Baseball Work-Stoppage

Obviously, no one reading this article wants to face the possibility of a baseball strike. However, the elephant in the room is that baseball could be headed towards a pause.

Now, Los Angeles Dodgers SportsNet analyst Jerry Hairston Jr. joins 670 The Score out of Chicago to talk about this aspect of the game. Furthermore, you can hear Hairston Jr. talk with Bruce Levine and Mark Spiegel about this around the 21:00 mark of this interview.

Allow us to examine what was said below.

Interestingly, Hairston Jr. gives mention to current Dodgers and where things stand. Also, it’s important to note that early in his segment; Hairston Jr. also mentions he is good friends with Tony Clark. Notably, Clark is the current head of the player’s union.

First, the Dodgers’ analyst compares baseball to the NBA and sheds light on a problem baseball faces.

“I really believe that baseball has really hurt themselves as far as free agency. Look at the rush the NBA has when their star players come out as free agents and are able to be signed, and it’s a free for all. It’s exciting. Major League baseball does not take advantage of it, and that has to change.

Next, Hairston Jr. says that the players are hip to what is going on in regards to the current free agency conundrum

“Back to the players, they know the next collective bargaining agreement. They know that things have to change, and if it doesn’t there could be some type of stoppage. They have to agree before it comes to that.”

Finally, Hairston Jr. talks about how current veterans feel about things moving forward. While he gives mention to several current Dodgers players, keep in mind he has a solid relationship with a lot of current MLB players.

“They’re completely unified. Not only are they unified, but you’re hearing veteran players like Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen talk publicly about that; about their frustration. Guys who have already made their money are frustrated with the process the last couple years. They’re extremely unified and aware what has been said by GM’s, and the possibility of collusion. The players are very aware of what has been going on. I love baseball and hope that there is some type of agreement. But again, these players have been frustrated for a long time. They’re very well organized of what’s been going on for a number of years.”

In conclusion, this scares a guy like me who wishes baseball season was year round. It sounds like baseball could be headed towards troubled waters, and if I’m honest I am not super optimistic. What do you think? Will baseball end up with another strike? Let us know in the comments below.

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