Dodgers Remain Hyun-Jin Ryu Free Agent Possibility

While it’s already been mentioned that Hyun-Jin Ryu shouldn’t be expected to take a discount in free agency, it remains a distinct possibility. To recap, Ryu is represented by Scott Boras. Certainly, bigger name starting pitchers are on the market in Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg. However – once those two pitchers find a home – Ryu could find himself the prize target. Notably, the Dodgers could be one of those teams.

Now, Jorge Castillo of the LA Times drops an interesting nugget at the end of his column. Furthermore, it sheds some light at where things stand in regards to the Dodgers and Ryu in his upcoming free agency.

Indeed, Castillo breaks down the scenario that could likely play out with the Korean Monster.

Ryu is a high-ceiling, low-floor second-tier option in this free-agent class. Teams that strike out on Cole and Strasburg — or aren’t interested in giving a huge contract to either ace — could turn to Ryu to bolster their starting rotation with a three- or four-year contact. The Dodgers remain a possibility — perhaps at a discounted rate considering Ryu relishes playing in Los Angeles — but he will have strong suitors.

Certainly, Castillo is well tied in with his assessment of the free agent class and Ryu’s standing within it. Equally important, how things play out with the two biggest fish are going to have an immense impact on Ryu’s landing spot.

Finally, this is a scenario that not many Dodger fans saw coming. For example, Ryu hits the market and then subsequently fields offers from several teams. Only after the Dodgers and a few other teams see they are out of the market for Cole and Strasburg does the focus turn back to Ryu.

Then, the avenue for the ace’s return to Los Angeles could become more clear. It’s also important to note that once he becomes the focus of several teams as the top option, his price will go up. It’s going to be an interesting aspect to Ryu’s negotiation and future home in the big leagues.

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