Dodgers: Jerry Hairston Jr. Talks About Evaluating Dave Roberts as Manager

Undeniably, Dodgers analyst Jerry Hairston Jr. has provided some big quotes this off-season already. Remember, Hairston Jr. spoke about Clayton Kershaw no longer being a top pitcher.

Now, Hairston Jr. is asked another tough question upon joining 670 The Score for an interview. Around the 25:00 mark, you can hear the topic we are about to discuss. Indeed, Hairston Jr. is asked to evaluate Dave Roberts as Los Angeles Dodgers manager.

However, before getting into his assessment of Roberts as Dodgers’ manager, he lays the groundwork for how analytics come into the play not only in a regular season, but in a playoff series as well.

“We talk about this quite a bit. Obviously, in the postseason especially when everything is magnified. So many ball clubs have game plans throughout the season and a certain series – what players need to play against certain pitchers and hitters against certain pitchers.”

Of course, Hairston Jr. and anyone listening could begin to think about the Dodgers’ NLDS series against the Washington Nationals. First, Roberts stuck with Clayton Kershaw a little too long; and it cost the Dodgers a season. Then, the Dodgers were taken to task by analysts like Pedro Martinez on national television for how they use analytics.

Still – if you’re expecting Hairston Jr. to drop the hammer on Roberts – you’re going to be disappointed. Indeed, Hairston Jr. feels that Roberts does a solid job when it comes to being a manager and using analytical data in-game. Check out the transcribed quote below on the subject.

“As a manager, you have to know the pulse of your clubhouse… there are a lot of things that go into it. Not just with the analytics. You have to find that proper balance. Alex Rodriguez said it best, A.J. Hinch had the best pitcher in the game in Gerrit Cole and didn’t use him because of the data. In a playoff series, a lot of these analytics go out the window. Analytics over the regular season 162 games is great. But in a short series, you have to be able to decipher that. I think that Dave Roberts has done a pretty good job of that for the Dodgers.”

Finally, it’s tough to know Hairston Jr.’s true feelings on this subject. While it’s hard to believe he thinks that Roberts does a perfect job, he gives mention to the importance of the manager knowing his own clubhouse. Without question, Roberts is master of that domain.

How do you feel about Hairston Jr.’s comments on Roberts? Do you think Roberts does a good job overall – and where can he improve? Sound off in the comments below with any and all thoughts.

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