Dodgers: Seager for Lindor, Sign Cole; MLB Pundit Says LA Should Get Stupid

Right now, there’s a call to action in the mainstream media for the Los Angeles Dodgers to make an off-season splash. Notably, Jeff Joyce says on MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM that the Dodgers need to start by using Corey Seager as trade bait. Remember, we predicted and explored why the Dodgers may do exactly that.

Moreover, it sounds like Joyce and co-host Steve Sax are ready to see the Dodgers go all-in. On one hand, the Dodgers have a loaded roster ready to compete. That much is obvious. However, they state that before the 2019 MLB playoffs; they didn’t feel like the Dodgers had the rotation to defeat the Houston Astros like the Washington Nationals did.

While it’s interesting none of them said that then, here’s the clip in it’s entirety.

Indeed, Joyce kicks things off with a bang. He’s ready to see Los Angeles swap Seager for Francisco Lindor. Then, he wants to see the Dodgers really push their chips to the middle of the table by signing Gerrit Cole.

“Sign Cole and trade for Lindor. Just do it, just get stupid.”

Following that, Steve Sax examines the scenario. The take home message here is that if the Dodgers want Lindor, it’s going to cost a great deal in trade commodities. Obviously this would include Corey Seager and then some.

“So what they probably do is say they have to start the trading with Lindor, start by trading Seager. He’s gonna cost a lot less than Lindor is if they wanna sign him there and play him there. That might be where they start the whole thing, but the Indians will ask a lot for Lindor.”

While nothing big could happen, it really feels like something unexpected will. Certainly it’s not likely that the Dodgers land both Lindor and Cole in one off-season and ‘get stupid’. However, it is quite possible that they open a door to acquire an impact player by using Seager and other valuable players.

Finally, if I was a betting man (and I just might be); I would bet the rumors of the Dodgers trading Seager get even louder this winter. It just feels like something big and unexpected is about to go down, do you agree?

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