Dodgers News: Gavin Lux Launches YouTube Channel

Now with the age of the internet being where it is, the accessibility to MLB players is at an all-time high. While growing up, my only hope to know a player was to hear him interviewed on AM radio late at night. Sometimes – and I mean maybe once a week – you could catch the player in a national game of the week.

However, in the year 2019; you can know more about virtually anyone in the game. For example, take Dodgers’ rookie Gavin Lux.

Lux is launching his own YouTube channel. Indeed, Lux posted his first video on Friday which is titled ‘Welcome To My Journey”. By the looks of it, you’re going to get a firsthand look into the life of a young Los Angeles ballplayer. Therefore we ask, what could be better?

Furthermore, Lux tells us that he has a lot of downtime. Within that space, he fills it with video games, sneakers, clothes, and patrolling the coolest city in the world.

Earlier this week we mentioned Dodgers players available on the Cameo platform, and now this provides even more access to Lux in this case.

Truly this should be one of those things as a Dodgers fan in which every episode is worth a watch. While it offers the chance to see what Lux is up to, you can expect a number of Dodgers’ players to make cameo appearances as well.

We have seen examples where getting to know the Dodgers as individuals – and not just as athletes that put up numbers – makes it more fun to root for them. Obviously, this is a great example of that.

Heading back to our first point. Remember when Lux was just entering the big leagues and appeared on Blue Heaven Podcast. He seemed like a really likable young man. Now we all have the chance to follow him through the journey of the off-season and his first full year in the big leagues. It’s going to create some interesting talk topics for sure.

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