Dodgers Off-Season: LA Times Columnist Bill Plaschke Talks Seager, Kershaw, Rendon, and More

Undeniably, one thing is true about Los Angeles journalist Bill Plaschke. The man is not big on shying away from a hot take.

Moreover, you can respect that in a person who covers the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recently, Plaschke wrote a hard-hitting column about the Dodgers accepting hard truths this off-season. Then, he joined Roggin and Rodney on AM570 Sports Los Angeles to talk about the free agent targets the Dodgers should be looking at signing currently. You can hear the entire segment right here.

First, Bill has a plan for the Los Angeles Dodgers in which he outlines. Notably, he allows his feelings on Clayton Kershaw’s current status to be outspoken. His feelings are similar to that of Jerry Hairston Jr. currently.

“The parameters are, they need a starting pitcher. And they need it to be a stud. They can’t count on Clayton Kershaw being a stud anymore. Also they need bullpen help. Number two they need some bullpen help. I don’t think they need to go get a high-priced reliever, but they need to go get some pieces so they can figure out who is going to close games next year.”

Next, Plaschke talks about how the Dodgers could go about orchestrating a trade for a big-name player. That being said, the avenue to acquiring one of these guys means you have to give up some currency; he says.

“They can start trading the young guys, it’s really the only currency they have. While you talk about trading for a Francisco Lindor or Corey Kluber or someone like that, the currency you have is the Corey Seager’s and Joc Pederson’s of the world. Those are the guys they have protected but I think the shine is off those guys and they have to be willing to move them. I would never trade a Lux, May, or Gonsolin. But I would trade a Seager, he has real value.”

Remember, we have already reviewed the reasons why the Dodgers may look at trading Seager this off-season. Indeed, Plaschke is on the same page with that line of thinking.

Finally, Bill closes with the guys he wants to see the Dodgers go after.

“I’m not sure about Rendon, because he’s 29. Justin Turner is still a stud. They need a starting pitcher, they need a stud arm. I don’t know why they don’t go after Gerrit Cole. They have the money, the space under the competitive balance tax. I don’t think they should think they’re out of things with Cole. Maybe a Zach Wheeler? Or trade for Corey Kluber. You need a stud starting pitcher to pair with Walker Buehler.”

Honestly, he has a point. When you look at how the Washington Nationals not only got by the Dodgers; but won the World Series. It was with timely hitting, but they had the bulls in the rotation to defeat the Astros. In the end, Plaschke may be onto something here.

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